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Kiryat Ono

Kiryat Ono (Hebrew: קִרְיַת אוֹנוֹ‎, Arabic: كريات أونو‎‎) is a city in the Tel Aviv District of Israel. It is located 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) east of Tel Aviv. In 2015 it had a population of 37,791.[1]

Modern Kiryat Ono is not to be confused with the biblical Ono, which was located in the area that is now Or Yehuda.[2]

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Kiryat Ono skyline
A settlement named Kfar Ono was established in 1939. In the 1950s, a ma’abara (transit camp for new immigrants in Israel) was established nearby. In 1954, the settlement merged with other communities to form Kiryat Ono. It achieved city status in 1992.[3] It began to grow during the British era, probably due to its proximity to the military compound now known as Tel Hashomer British Base. A lone tree stands on a hill overlooking the base; this tree has been adopted as the city’s spiritual and cultural icon. The lands surrounding the tree were owned as agricultural land and maintained by Aryeh Konikov. When the lone tree was planted, it seemed unique in its location, and Mr. Konikov nourished it and maintained the land surrounding it for many years.


Levi Eshkol Street

Location of Kiryat Ono in the Tel Aviv District
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was all Jewish and other non-Arabs, without significant Arab population. Kiryat Ono has grown significantly in recent years. According to CBS, in 2014 there were 17,700 males and 18,900 females. The population of the city was spread out with 32.4% 19 years of age or younger, 9.8% between 20 and 29, 24.3% between 30 and 44, 14.9% from 45 to 59, 5.0% from 60 to 64, and 13.6% 65 years of age or older. The population growth rate in 2014 was 3.0%.

According to CBS, as of 2013, in the city there were 16,400 salaried workers and 1,417 are self-employed. The mean monthly wage in 2013 for a salaried worker in the city is ILS 12,543, a real change of 0.6% over the course of 2012. Salaried males have a mean monthly wage of ILS 15,487 (a real change of 1.0%) versus ILS 9,877 for females (a real change of 0.9%). The mean income for the self-employed is 12,598. There are 282 people who receive unemployment benefits and 162 people who receive an income guarantee.

There are 11 schools and in the city. They are spread out as 7 state elementary schools, 1 religious state elementary school, 1 Democratic school and 3 high schools (Shazar junior high, Ben Zvi junior high and Ben Zvi High school) 6,465 pupils study at the schools and 2,017 at the kindergartens. 83.9% of 12th grade students were entitled to a matriculation certificate in 2014.

Ono Academic College, an accredited private college with 8,500 students is located in Kiryat Ono.[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiryat_Ono

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Tart cards for call girls in a British phone box
Xaviera Hollander is a former call girl, as well as a madam and author.
Xaviera Hollander is a former call girl, as well as a madam and author.
A call girl or female escort is a sex worker who (unlike a street walker) does not display her profession to the general public; nor does she usually work in an institution like a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency.[1][2] The client must make an appointment, usually by calling a telephone number. Call girls often advertise their services in small ads in magazines and via the Internet, although an intermediary advertiser, such as an escort agency, may be involved in promoting escorts, while, less often, some may be handled by a pimp.[3] Call girls may work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they go to the client.

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Many call girl agencies and independent call girls have their own websites.[2] The internet has become the main medium through which customers find their desired escort.[4][5][6] Generally, a picture of the woman is provided, and sometimes, the type of sexual services she is willing to offer.[citation needed]

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