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Holon (Hebrew: חוֹלוֹן‎ About this sound (audio) (help·info); Arabic: حُولُون‎‎) is a city on the central coastal strip south of Tel Aviv, Israel. Holon is part of the metropolitan Gush Dan area. In 2015 it had a population of 188,834.[1] Holon has the second-largest industrial zone in Israel, after Haifa.[citation needed]

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The name of the city comes from the Hebrew word holon, meaning «(little) sand». The name Holon also appears in the Bible: «And Holon with its suburbs, and Debir with its suburbs» (Book of Joshua, 21:15).[2]


Holon, 1945
Holon was founded on sand dunes six kilometers (3.7 miles) from Tel Aviv in 1935.[3] The Łódzia textile factory was established there by Jewish immigrants from Łódź, Poland, along with many other industrial enterprises.[3] In the early months of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, Holon was on the front line, with constant shooting taking place on the border with the village of Tel A-Rish to its northwest—a suburb of Arab Jaffa—and clashes also in the direction of the town of Yazur to the east. An attack by the Holon-based Haganah militia units on Tel A-Rish was repulsed with considerable losses.

Convoy being assembled at Holon. 1948
After the establishment of the state, Holon expanded to include Tel A-Rish (renamed «Tel Giborim», «The Mound of the Heroes») and the orange groves of Yazur.

In February 2001, eight Israelis were killed and twenty-five were injured in a Palestinian attack on a crowded bus stop in Holon.[4]

The image of Holon as a working-class bedroom community has changed over the years. Through municipal efforts, the city has been rebranded as a child-friendly city, offering family attractions such as the Yamit Water Park, the Israeli Children’s Museum and the Israel Museum of Caricature and Comics.[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holon

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