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Bnei Brak

Bnei Brak (Hebrew: בְּנֵי בְרַק‎ About this sound (audio) (help·info), bənê ḇəraq) is a city located on the central Mediterranean coastal plain in Israel, just east of Tel Aviv. A center of Ultra Orthodox Judaism, Bnei Brak covers an area of 709 hectares (1752 acres, or 2.74 square miles), and had a population of 182,799 in 2015.[1] It is one of the poorest and most densely populated cities in Israel.[2]
Historical population
Year Pop. ±% p.a.
1931 956 —
1948 9,300 +14.32%
1955 28,000 +17.05%
1961 47,000 +9.02%
1972 75,700 +4.43%
1983 96,100 +2.19%
1995 130,700 +2.60%
2008 151,800 +1.16%
2012 168,800 +2.69%
2015 182,800 +2.69%
Source: CBS

Ponevezh Yeshiva
Bnei Brak takes its name from the ancient Biblical city of Beneberak, mentioned in the Tanakh (Joshua 19:45) in a long list of towns of ancient Judea. The name is also cited by some as continuing the name of the Palestinian village of Ibn Ibraq («Son of Ibraq/Barak») which was located 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) to the south of where Bnei Barak was founded in 1924.[3]

Bnei Brak was founded as an agricultural village by Yitzchok Gerstenkorn and a group of Polish chasidim. Due to a lack of land, many of the founders turned to other occupations and the village began to develop an urban character. Arye Mordechai Rabinowicz, formerly rabbi of Kurów in Poland, was the first rabbi. He was succeeded by Rabbi Yosef Kalisz, a scion of the Vurker dynasty. The town was set up as a religious settlement from the outset, as is evident from this description of the pioneers: «Their souls were revived by the fact that they merited what their predecessors had not. What particularly revived their weary souls in the mornings and toward evening, when they would gather in the beis medrash situated in a special shack which was built immediately upon the arrival of the very first settlers, for tefilla betzibbur (communal prayer) three times a day, for the Daf Yomi shiur, and a Gemara shiur and an additional one in Mishnayos and the Shulchan Oruch.»[4]

In the 1931 census of Palestine, the population of Benei Beraq was 956, all Jewish, in 255 houses.[5]

Bnei Brak achieved city status in 1950. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bnei_Brak


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